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The Traditional Bellaboar Curtain Pole Collection

Interpreting many old favourites, these are made with 16mm and 20mm solid bars with decorative finials, hand forged by our skilled craftsmen, in a wide range of colour options, giving you flexibility of choice at no extra cost.

The Contemporary Bellaboar Curtain Pole Collection

Designed for those looking for something different, these are truly beautiful pieces, with their precision turned metal, hand-crafted wood and wood/metal combination finials. With their wealth of colour combinations, you can express no end of creativity!

Bay Windows

The Bellaboar team specializes in creating Bay Windows and are renowned for their ability to make these precision items. We are happy to adapt both ranges to bay poles. Just make sure you follow our 'How to Measure' guide and we'll take care of the rest.

Specialist Services

Bracket changes

Fitting curtain poles can be an awkward business sometimes, Bellaboar is here to help with those tricky radiators or large sills. Just give us a call and we will make brackets to go around the most awkward problems.

Hold backs

As with most of the Bellaboar products, these can be made with a larger or smaller embrace as required. Simply call the forge and we will be happy to assist.